Unique solutions

KODAK, the global market leader in graphics products, every day develops unique technologies that are changing business, protecting the environment and is a joy to each of our eyes.

Market leaders

Centuries of experience, best engineers, quality materials and German diligence were the attributes that led the web press machine manufacturer manroland web systems GmbH to the top position in the global market.

Continuous support

GRAFIKONTROL, the manufacturer of registers and colour balance systems, has earned worldwide recognition because it supports all of its manufactured production systems without time limit, for decades.

Caring for the environment

Helping businesses, but not harming the environment. With the help of FUJIFILM concern, the increasing number of our customers switch to environmentally friendly technologies without increasing the cost of production and enhancing the quality.

Mental acuity

Quick cutting, and – most importantly – in the right place. Only a sharp knife is not enough. German engineers offer their experience, perfected through decades. No matter how much you measure, but with WOHLENBERG you will cut exactly where you need it.